Weekend Whatnot: Experiential Marketing – Where Marketing Meets PR

Experiential marketing. Guerrilla marketing. PR stunts.

Many terms are used to describe this marketing tactic and more and more companies are experimenting with the technique. I did an internship this past summer at a company that specialized in experiential marketing – and I think this is an area of marketing that is experiencing huge growth.

At its core, experiential marketing is the act of creating an experience where there is a resulting emotional connection to a brand, product, idea, etc. This usually involves special events, stunts, mobile tours, and interactive social media campaigns. Throughout my internship, I was part of the creative, idea-generating process which often required thinking up stunts, but I also took away some points about the success of experiential marketing campaigns in general.

  • Make the brand relatable.
  • Involve the target audience.
  • Be emotionally relevant.
  • Create buzz.
  • Be social.

For some inspiration around experiential marketing, check out some of my favorite examples below.

Commercial Business Stunts:

1) The Sopranos TV show


Image Credit: Enpundit

2) Folgers Coffee


Image Credit: Creative Guerilla Marketing

3) Pantene


Image Credit: Toxel

Cause Stunts:

4) Swedish Cancer Foundation (Barncancer Fonden)

5) Volkswagen Campaign (Don’t Text and Drive)

6) German Human Rights Organzation (Acat.ch)


Image Credit: Hongkiat

For more experiential marketing campaign examples, check out my Pinterest board dedicated to this topic.


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