Weekend Whatnot: 5 Quirky Bus Stop Ads

More and more, bus shelters/stops are becoming prime advertising spaces. People waiting for the bus are sitting or standing as captive audiences, and the fact that they are taking the bus in the first place is an indication that they are environmentally-friendly or middle/lower class (making bus shelters ideal places to target those audiences).

Here are some clever bus shelter ads:

1) Caribou Coffee


Image Credit: Clear Channel Outdoor

Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis introduced Caribou Coffee’s new hot breakfast sandwiches by making bus shelters look like ovens (with actual heat coming from the coils!). Clever idea for the cold season.

2) Ikea


Image Credit: Adverbox

Ikea turned bus stops into little rooms with its furniture for more than a decade. For small apartments, the scale isn’t far off.

3) Amnesty International


Image Credit: Blue Line Media

This Amnesty International ad, which took place in Germany, used an eye-tracking camera, and when it sense someone was looking, it changed the image from marital violence to marital harmony. “It happens when nobody is watching,” says the headline.

4) McDonald’s


Image Credit: Cossette West

McDonald’s outfitted a bus shelter in Vancouver with an “hourglass,” counting down the days until the end of their free coffee promotion.

5) Sun Smart


Image Credit: Outdoor Advertising Association of America

This cancer-awareness company from Australia built a bus shelter ad to provide a little free sunscreen during the summer.


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