Weekend Whatnot: 5 Creative Packaging Designs

Two weeks ago, my Weekend Whatnot post covered interesting bus stop/shelter advertising. This week, I wanted to put a spotlight on packaging design – a lesser known, but very creative branch of general design.

Packaging design is a thriving sector, with blogs like The Dieline and magazines like Package Design focusing the entirety of their content on powerful or quirky package design (food packaging in particular is a source of great creativity). I personally have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to packaging design because I think it is an area that provides plenty of inspiration.

Below are five packaging designs that I find powerful and creative.

1) NYC Spaghetti


Image Credit: Alex Creamer

Part of what I love about this design is that it is the product of a university project! Alex Creamer created this masterpiece; on the bottom side of the box is a model of the Chrysler building that pushes the spaghetti up to create a skyscraper shape.

2) Fruit Juice Packaging

Image Credit: Toxel

Naoto Fukasawa developed an idea to make the packaging for fruit juice resemble the fruit itself. The packaging turned out beautifully and not only tells you what’s inside the package, but also gives you a feeling about the juice’s freshness.

3) Colorado Blood Jerseys


Image Credit: Comocyco

Nike created a campaign for Sport Club International team Colorado inspired by the teams color: red. The idea is that every fan wants the players to give their blood, sweat, and tears for the club. As a result, the red of the team’s famous jersey was presented inside a blood bag.

4) Lightbulbs a la Ice Cream


Image Credit: ICanBeCreative

This brilliant packaging lets you check if the lightbulb is still intact before you buy it – and is also amusing!

5) Poilu Moustache Paintbrushes


Image Credit: Design Swan

“Poilu” (French meaning hairy) is a creative packaging concept for paintbrushes design by artist Simon Laliberte. The packaging serves many purposes: it helps sell paintbrushes, protects them during shipping, and provides a laugh!


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